Friday, May 29, 2009

Day Two

Family Vacay Day Two:

Tension has set in.

Mother called Father a fucking asshole on the way to get bagels this afternoon.

Little brother has extended his sullen attitude from only things that I like, suggest or mention to just everything, everywhere, at all.

Fat brother took to driving mother's wheelchair like a drunkard at a go-kart track. To get her over curbs he just popped wheelies, pitching her violently backward and then took to leaving her unattended at the top of slopes. 

At dinner I explained what paella was 9 times. There were only 4 people there.  

However, everyone is still alive despite murmured threats to the contrary and everyone saw an orthodox jew for the first time today so we are also expanding culturally. Reilly said their hats look like furry sombreros. 

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