Sunday, May 10, 2009

PIZZA? Who ordered PIZZA?

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pizza is the stuff wet dreams are made of, however it could just as easily be called High Fat Dairy on Carbs. This recipe is not for the faint of heart, by which I mean if you have a heart condition or cholesterol issues please go chew on a celery stick before you get too excited. It's essentially the same as spin dip baked in a bread bowl, but this way everyone gets their own individual piece and you don't have to scoop/spread/share. The three dreaded s's.

First off, making pizza dough requires you to attempt to throw the dough in the air while singing something that sounds Italian before you actually roll the dough out properly:

Mama Mia Mozzarelly!

Thatssa nicey throw! Bella! Bella!

Roof dust makesa better tasty pizza!

It'sa me, crazy eyes Luigi!

Once you've dropped your dough on the floor enough times, spread it out on your pan properly and then cover it with spinach dip. My recipe is the po' gurl version; I had to choose between cream cheese and sour cream because I couldn't afford both. I went with sour cream, because it has a special place in my heart and stomach, but if you have more than 2 figures in your bank account then please add cream cheese, maybe a little parmigiano-reggiano, asiago, romano, mozzarella or whatever Italian diary delicacies you prefer.

-Equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise (likewise for cream cheese, but adjust to your preference)
- A whole bunch of spinach, wilted.
- Red onion, garlic (saute with the spinach)
- Grated cheese of your choice.
- Artichoke hearts, roughly chopped.
- Salt n' peppa.

Vegan option: suck a rock.
Low-cal option: go for a run.

Mix it all up, spread over dough. I added some more raw spinach, onions and mozza on top then baked it for 15 minutes or until the crust is brown and the cheese is ooey gooey melty welty cartoon stretchy.

And now, my wank bank:

The next night we made personal pan pizzas with the leftover dough so the crazies could put grosso olives on their pizzas and not contaminate my hawaiian goodness.

I have such a raging food boner right now. I'm gunna go take care of that.

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