Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Productivity Update

Someone once said war is hell. They've never had squirrels in their garden.

The glorified rats dug up my fucking garden so fortifications were made. Unfortunately the 'chicken wire' turned out to only look like metal and in fact was made of plastic so they'll probably chew through it in no time. Plus it's held together with twist ties. Details. Then we littered the ground with cayanne powder becuase we read it burns their little paws. However i don't considering that most of the squirrels in Montreal look like they've been chewing on a crack pipe I'm not sure a little cayanne powder is going to bother them.

Then we made Chilli con Carne and Cornbread Muffins.

Yes those are whole kernals gracing the top of each muffin. God is in the details, and whole in your poop.


lowercasecarmen said...

The Montreal squirrels, though they understand both english and french, will only respond to french cursing. When you tell them to fuck off in english they merely snicker and eat more of your garden.

I'm just going to include this in all of my comments from now on. The word verification today: "bersid"

lowercasecarmen said...

B, I need your email. Send it to me at lowercasecarmen(at)!