Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have a problem.

Some might call it a fetish, or an 'addiction', or even just disgusting, but they just don't understand. I love popping pimples more than anything. Anything. I will squeeze any bump or spot until it bleeds whether or not there's anything inside to come out. I have taken needles to my own face. I have physically attacked others (Kyle) to try to pop whatever's lurking under their skin. One of the greatest injustices of my teenage years was that my acne was mainly confined to my back so I couldn't even pop it very well. That's likely for the best though, as my face would resemble the surface of the moon if I had anything to pop on it. I feel the need, the need to squeeze. 

Recently I've upped the anty on this fascination. Case in point, 
 I find this site a good go to place if you want some serious popping action, and it's nice that they rate each video, but if you get down to the brass tax (am I using that phrase right? When in Rome!) I find it pretty heavy on advertisements and the amount of categories is a bit overwhelming. 

My first choice for a reliable quick fix is youtube. There is no short supply of weirdos who are willing to bust out the digital camera before they go to town and you can tell it's going to be a good one if you have to confirm your birth date (that all sounds very much like I'm talking about porn). Here are some of my faves (be warned, we're talking about puss, whiteheads and the human condition; this is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach):

This one is a good example of sheer volume from a single hole.  Plus you get to listen to trashy english people talking in the background. 

Even Soulja Boy's getting into it!

I'm so amazed by ones like this that look like silly string. 

I've recently got into cyst popping as well, which is like a pimple pop x 1000. Some of them actually gross my out a little....although obviously not enough to stop.

Okay, I think I've revealed enough weirdness for one day. I'm going to
 go pop something. 

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