Friday, May 8, 2009

Unemployment Budget Diet

Joblessness is next to godliness which is next budgetiness. This is to say that on account of my current monetary state I have undertaken an alteration in my alimentation. Budget diet yo: Spinach and Tomato Penne Styles.

Poverty, yum-o!

See the trick to this meal is that the pasta keeps you full, and the spinach is green and leafy, thus warding off scurvy, and tomatoes are the perfect combination of tasty and cheap. While it would obviously taste 1000% better with cheese of some sort you can pretend you're being vegan or something and then raise your eyebrow and purse your lips at the next person you see enjoying dairy. 'Cheese?? Oh no thank-you, I'm
vegan. And poor.'

The next trick is to make sure you go to your local Greek-Korean grocer. I find that this ethnic combination produces the best prices, but I'll save you the explanation of why because the world only needs one racist funny girl (hint: her name rhymes with Jew).

Here's the breakdown:
-Bag of Spinach - -----------------$1.69
- 1 tomatoe (cheapest variety) ---$0.60
- Bag penne -----------------------$1.29
- Olive oil, salt, pepper (these things don't count in the price breakdown because you should already have them in your house and anything you've already bought is 'free')

Total = $3.58. I ate this for 2 dinners, on both occasions making enough for at least 2 people (but then eating it all myself, obv). So basically it was $0.90/serving which is peanuts any way you slice it. That that economy!

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