Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After five days and nights of intensive drinking I need to rid my body of many a nameless toxin. So far my ideas are:

- raw food vegan diet. Vetoed due to a) my love of warm food and b) my lack of desire to become a know-it-all jerk face.

- salt water. This I'm not sure about because it seems counter intuitive if I want to rehydrate. I'm going to look into this further though.

- Laxative. Vetoed due to my already finethankyou bowel movements.

- Exercise and properly balanced diet.... nahhhhhhh.

If anyone has ideas of how to cleanse myself without actually cleansing anything, or furthermore actually doing anything, please let me know. I look forward to giving it much thought before not doing it.

Also, this weekend I saw the new Dane Cook special and I actually laughed which was startling and potentially life changing (the bit about my life wherein I don't like Dane Cook except for his handsome arm muscles). Can someone please verify if this is a legit reaction or merely due to my perma-buzz. Ahh sank you sank you.

Maine vacay update to come.

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