Monday, November 2, 2009


Somebody needs to get on these ideas. Then, after you've created them, we'll split the proceeds 95-5. 95 being me.

- Reality tv show called Paula Deen's Daughter in Law (alternative title: Deen's in Law). Contestants vie for a shot to wed one of Paula Dean's boys. Ideal candidates know that high fat pastries can be used as a substituted for basically any other ingredient. Contestants participate in competitions such as who makes the best butter soup and get eliminated for things such as forgetting to put lard in Bobby Deen's cereal, buying lean cuts of meat and having a healthy cholesterol level. Potential elimination catchphrase: 'You're fried!"

Potential plot twist: the one on the right is gay!

- You know when your movie or tv show pauses at a split second that makes your favorite stars look like gigantic sacks of retarded shit? One eye half closed and the other rooled back into their heads and a tiny line of spit flying out of their slack jawed mouth that you wouldn't have noticed if not paused at that exact second? There should be a 'best of' website. Perhaps

Feel that low pressure system folks? That's a brain storm rolling in and there's a high percentage of awesome in the air.

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