Saturday, November 14, 2009

Interviewend met der President

President Obama? Diedrieck van Smoogle for the Amsterdam Tribune, a question if I could: you have said previously that you would like to see a larger role for the Netherlands in the G20, is it safe to say that you are also in favour of their traditional cooking appliances? A follow up to that: does the First Lady agree with you in this regard and, if so, would you say she is more heavily involved with the giving or recieving of such kitchen appliances?

"Where there is great love, there is still gas."
-Brittney Drysdale

Finally, the Dutch Centre for Aquatic Sciences has suggested a revolutionary new way to engineer the vertical hinged metal plate which allows water vessels to change course, are you in favour of such progress? Would Vice President Biden be willing to assist in this regard, say, during long trips away from the White House?

See Joe, you gotta get a good grip on the shoulder, and it's only gay if our faces touch.

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Stevenson, Kyle said...

You are lower than low class. You are smutty.