Monday, November 23, 2009

Pervy Mondays

Pervy Monday is back already. It seems like only yesterday that men were being rude and disgusting in my ear. Oh wait, it was, becuase this is my life every. single. day.

This is one I found particularly disturbing. Enjoy.

- "Do you think she's gunna like a two hour ride? Do they like a long ride? Will she die if I don't stop?"

"Well sir, I really can't say what your wife will or will not enjoy, that's really a matter of personal preference."

I didn't address the death factor, becuase frankly I was concerned he might have been disappointed if I said no. I found this disconcerting and disgusting and so I was quite shocked when he started to yell at me about being offended. Apparently he does NOT have a wife and I how DARE I have said that and WHY don't I know if all women will like this. I'm so sorry sir, I mean I don't know what your prostitute will enjoy.

Along the same line:

- "Do you think it'll get too big? I dun wanna hurt 'em. I just want to last three or four hours."

This is my favorite one recently, an older Indian man with a heavy accent:

- "If the woman want to suck the dick, you have to clean it first?"

Highly recommended sir. Highly recommended.

If your significant other is not a filthy, disgusting sack of impotent shit, go have sex with them right now. If they are, tell them to stop calling me.

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