Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corny Chowder

Although Daegu is the warmest city in the country we recently had some snow in our fair area so I got it in my head that the perfect solution would be a nice warm bowl of corn chowder. I decided this before I got to the grocery store and realized they didn't have:

- chicken or vegetable stock
- celery
- cream
- bacon
- thyme or sage or cumin or paprika or bay leaves

I also couldn't identify which bag of white powder was flour or cornstarch but damned if that was going to stop me. This is what I can up with:

Makeshift Corny Chowder

- onion and leek, chopped
- carrots, chopped
- garlic, crushed
- potatoes, peeled and cubed
- beef bone stock (it was that or fish)
- milk
- 1 can of corn
- salt and pepper to taste

Saute the onions, leeks, garlic and carrots in butter or Korean 'buttery' spread until translucent. Add stock and potatoes, bring to a boil. Add corn and milk,salt and pepper, bring back to a simmer and serve with the green leek parts as garnish. Ha-za!

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