Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Krazy Korea

Korea has so many crazy things. So many in fact, that they can only be described as krazy and while I could easily do a 13 part series on the nuances of bowing I will limit myself to one post a week, filtering out the kinda weird, pretty odd and slightly strange to bring you only the kraziest that Korea has to offer.

This week: Virgin Cat.

I first saw the vocal stylings of Miss. Anna Tsuchiya on tv in between bouts of frantic, confusing game shows. You can watch it, but it's terrible so don't say I didn't warn you.

What an unusual and uncharacteristic position for you to be in Virgin Cat. So does Virgin Cat mean that you are a cat who is a virgin? Or are just a virgin when it comes to cats in particular. Like, say you fucked the nuts off several dogs and a squirrel but you never touch pussy, you're still a virgin? I'm going to make a song called Poop Hole Virgin.

Sexy fact: cat food is an aphrodisiac, but not for Virgin Cat!

If you're a virgin cat do you wear a cat promise ring? Do you have to wait until after your cat nuptuals? Can you be a kitty whore but then be a born again cat virgin? Are there tiny feline hymenectomies in your messed up world? What about heavy petting, I mean that seems like a pretty obvious way to go. And if you've been spayed or neutered does it all even matter?????

Only you can say for sure, Virgin Cat.

Editors note: turns out this is actually a Japanese song, which is maybe the kraziest part of all. Wikipedia first, then write...

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