Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Korean(ish) Ribs

Stumbling through foodgawker yesterday I saw a recipe for Korean Ribs. Since I had a bag of ribs in my freezer and a world full of Korea at my doorstep I decided to give it a whirl. I basically followed this recipe, except I don't have measuring utensils or an oven and I haven't got paid yet so I also don't have money for pears and 7-up. If for some reason you are in the same weird world as me, you can follow my lead:

Korean(ish) Ribs
- Mix some soy sauce with your favorite lemony flavoured drink. In my case I had some leftover Pocari Sweat, a poorly named Korean sports drink that tastes better than it sounds. In terms of amounts I used more Sweat than soy sauce, and enough of both to cover the ribs in the container.
- Add some crushed garlic and ginger, thinly sliced onions and a little sugar if your lemony drink isn't very sweet and pour it over the ribs to marinate for at least 30 minutes.
- Heat some oil in your pan and then add the ribs, reserving the marinade. Sear ribs on each side until nicely browned.
- Add the marinade to the pan and continue cooking on lower heat until sauce thickens.

Normally I'd serve ribs with rice but seeing as I already eat rice faaaar too often I went with mashed potatoes instead and the sauce acted as a gravy of sorts. Oh, and I had some vegetables in there too, I swear.

Nom nom nom.

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