Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thank God It's Krazy Korea!

This week in kraziness: Crunky Nude Balls!!!

It's too easy, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how rich I'd be if had a dime for every crunky nude ball I've sucked on...

Next up: The Farting Daughter in Law, a video by the Educational Broadcasting Network in Korea. This video was made to teach the dear people of Korea English through farting. It's long and slow (the best farts always are) so I'll spoil the end for you: the flatulent wife saves the day by blowing away the robber with her butt wind. God, who hasn't heard that one before? There's another in the series called The Talkative Wife, a classic tale of a woman who tells the neighbours that Mr. Kim wet his pants. Then, Mr. Kim finds some gold! He decides not to show his wife because she's so fucking yappy. Instead he cooks some rice and puts it in a tree, shows it to his wife, who flaps her gums to the neighbours, they call her a nut job liar. Then shows his wife the gold, she still can't keep her trap shut, but since her word has been completely discredited nobody believes her. The wife was totally devastated but Mr. Kim was happy and rich and lived happily ever after. The End.

Finally, since somebody else must be as bored as me at work please enjoy this little internet nugget:, a website dedicated to the drinking/sleeping habits of Koreans.

Happy Friday!

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