Thursday, March 25, 2010


Obama Twitter account 'hacked by frenchman'

Jean Pierre le Douchsac was arrested tody in Paris for allegedly 'hacking' into President Obama's twitter account. The 25 year old is said to have gained access to the account by correctly guessing 'password' as the password. Republicans are citing this as an example of poor online leadership, while the Democrats are countering that it simply shows Obama as an average person. "Even ivy league grads can't make secure passwords!" says Democratic pundit Hilary Pillow-Perry. There is further speculation that Obama's bank pin code might be his birth day and the secret service has announced that the White House alarm code will no longer be 1234.

Police became suspicious of le Douchesac after they heard the Pink Panther theme song coming from the suspect's apartment. When asked about his actions le Douchesac responded, "Ees not a crime to make guess of somezing. In America eets called a stock broker, non?" le Douchesac is currently unemployed having lost his previous job running a 'Guess My Weight' carnival booth after complaints that he was too accurate.

Millions of American's are continuing to get their tweet on though; BibleLover6969, posted today "You can take our passwords, but you'll never take our tweedom." Never a truer tweet, you twit.

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