Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KK took my baby away.

Krazy Korea took my baby away.

First, some tales from the classroom:

The other day my co-teacher asked the kids where one missing student was. They replied quickly and with confidence, "mind control." Fact: Big Brother is the number one causes of absences in Korean elementary schools.

After playing an innocent game based on rock-paper-scissors my co-teacher asked who the winner of each pair was. When the winners raised their hands she gave some instructions in Korean and then I witnessed each winning ten year old grab their losing partner, lick their index and forefingers and gave them the slaps. Maybe that'll learn them to be better at rock-paper-scissors (hint: always pick rock).

And now, Korean television fun time!

This was a show about octopods that can lift bowling balls.

This was a show about a baby that can sew. She cried when they took her needle and thread away, such work ethic!

This is a show about teaching young girls to dance sexy while an older, chubby man watches. No sriously, I've seen it a couple of times, there is no other possible explanation.

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