Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belated Bunnies

I'm knee deep and up a creek into exams at le moment so I haven't had a chance to go through my easter photos yet, but Art History 305 is now a thing of the past so here you are.

This little guy is named Travolta. Was named Travolta. RIP Travolta.
This is...Hammy...actually we didn't name him. WHO NAMES A HAM?
Note the intricate and uneven design of cloves. Stole that from Martha.
Pretty as a pie. We get our pie crust recipe from I Like You, by Amy Sedaris, only the greatest book ever and you should probably own both the hard and soft cover versions and then maybe just send her a 'Thank You For Being Awesome" card after you read it.
And here I am adding the evaporated milk into the punkin pie filling without a bra on. Evaporated milk: not as dry as you might think.
Ok, so then everything went in the oven and we cleaned the house so we could pretend it always looks like that, and then we arranged tables in a vain attempt to seat everyone and inbetween the basting and cleaning and hooplah I forgot to take pictures. Luckily the lovely Carmen was on the ball and took lovely photos accompanied by lovely words and general amounts of lovliness. Check it.

I did manage to get ms. g marinating the ham with our Orange Mustard and I Forget What Else Sauce.
Then I cut straight to post feast destruction.
26 people came to dinner still I sit alone...oh food, you'll never leave me.

Fact: with the right combination of tables and a little creativity you too can have a giant penis in your living room.

Why would you wear a hat that says Death Race??
Tim made Oreo McFlurries in cupcake wrappers with tiny umbrellas in them. What a special boy.
The right nut, as it were:
But seriously, you won't wear that hat again, right?
I'm gunna call him Travolta, after his good fer nothin daddy. Now pass momma a beer.

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