Tuesday, April 7, 2009

F means 'I had Fun marking it'

Know how you know you've written too many papers?

Today my professor started handing things back and I couldn't remember a) what this paper was supposed to be on or b) handing it in. When your name is called second to last these are stressful times.

Anyway I did hand it in and it was on feminist and formalist art history. In going through it I also realized the reason why I don't remember it might have to to do with the head space I was in whilst writing it. For example:

On page 2 I actually wrote "stereotypical stereotypes." Which stereotypes? Oh, you know, the stereotypical ones. Stereotypes are so stereotypical.

On at least one occasion I got the words 'formalism' and 'feminism' mixed up. While it's only 5 letters, it makes a world of difference.

On page 3, halfway through a line, I just skipped down and continued my sentence on the next line. As in, "A clear example of this can be seen in the work of Helen Frankenthaler, an abstract painter influenced by Clement Greenberg and the work of

Jackson Pollock."

I used the word "negativism" inappropriately. This was no doubt an attempt on my part to appear smarter. Intellectual fail.

The marker's commentary used the words "awkward," "coherent?" "wording?" "clarify" and "incomplete" multiple times.

The marker also used twenty (20) questions marks in her comments. But never in groups of more than three at a time. Sooooooo, thanks.

I used "we," ie, first person plural, the whole way through, despite the fact that I definitely wrote this paper alone.

Anyway, I got a B+.

And I shouldn't complain, but I can clearly see where she originally wrote 65% and then erased it and wrote 75% underneath. Thanks for reconsidering. I just take a little while to grow on you, that's all.


uhh-duuuuuuuuuhh. eye haf to git bak two teh riting now.

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