Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love Story

The other day someone told me to check out Love Story by Taylor Swift. Naturally I laughed. Scoffed even. But then obviously I watched it. At this point in time you could literally suggest any video, website or song to me and I would not blink before I loaded it up. Live birth video? Cool. Penguin anal sex? Seen it.

Anyway, I've basically had Love Story on repeat for the last week and I will share with you just a few of the many things I love about it.

1. I want to be a princess.
Check that shit out. She gets to wear, like, the prettiest dress ever and go to balls and carry lanterns and have little curly pieces of hair that hang down out of her updo. I'm in the library and I didn't wear a bra today. Clearly not fair.

2. Romeo/Juliet, Prince/Princess, Scarlet Letter

This song just references anything that sounds even remotely romantic. If you're Romeo and Juliet you can't also be princes and princesses. ps. Romeo and Juliet die. And Scarlet Letter? wtf? Did you commit adultery in 17th century Boston?

But it doesn't matter, I didn't read those books either. It just works. Romeo throws pebbles. They sneak out to the garden in the middle of the night, which is clearly more of an enchanted forest than your momma's potatoe patch. There's a twilight embrace in the prettiest field you've ever seen. If it's possible for the sun to set directly between their two faces then fuck it, she can be Juliet and a princess and a scarlet letter if she wants to.

3. Romeo
He is wearing the gayest shirts the whole way through, but srsly, boner. He is totally fucking me with his eyes in this picture.

4. That final music swell.
My brain tells me that I should be barfing or analyzing this from a feminist perspective or something but I cannot cannot help but scream 'Marry me Juliet!' like a 12 year old girl. She never has to be alone! He talked to her dad! Go pick out a white dress! God, that's good. Maybe I'll be a stay-at-home feminist.
Looks a little strained there Ashley.

5. It was all a dream!

An incredibly elaborate dream with high production value, but still. She's just a real girl! She carries books! Last night I dreamed that I was going to a trapeze lesson, but then the instructor didn't show up so I just hung around waiting for him. Seriously. My dreams aren't even as good as Taylor's.

Anyway, if you thought this post was lame, the girl next to me in the library is watching a Miley Cirus interview on the Tyra show....soooooooo I clearly haven't hit rock bottom. Yet.

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