Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh The Things I've Seen

I spend most of my waking hours in a little place called Ferrier. It's cold, sterile, soul sucking and depressing, but it's home. It's my little oasis in a sea of academic shit. Sometimes if I can't sleep at night I just close my eyes and think of Ferrier. It seems to have largely been overlooked by the rent a cop security guards that patrol the rest of campus and the people who work the desk are of the wonderful sort who work for the Red Herring and rarely give me grief about perching my bowl of soup on top of my coffee cup while my ice cream cone drips down the keyboard.

This is what the McGill website claims Ferrier looks like:
This is what Ferrier actually looks like:
That brown elephant is my rendering of a backhoe.

As per most Quebecois construction they appear to be really good at starting demolition and then leaving gigantic, ugly, dangerous messes for years on end. I think it's actually part of the union mandate that you have to leave the site unattended for at least 4 months before you can resume work.

Anyway, in the days and months that I've spent in this 4 walled concrete box I've spent a lot of time procrastinating. Obviously, or the only thing I'd have to post on here would be a straight A report card. Bo-ring! But more interesting than my own procrastination (if you'll believe it) is the procrastination of others. I find it comforting as well as entertaining to see what other people find when the delve into the infinite abyss of the interwebs.

For example, a while ago I walked behind a dude who was looking at an online guide to using a chainsaw. As someone who's been around a few chainsaws, I feel confident in saying that maybe you'd want some hands on experience with that one. I also found it amusing that this young man was getting his chainsaw tutorial on a mac when I'm pretty sure most avid chainsaw users probably don't know what a mac is. Or if they do, I think they'd agree that it's clearly a 'fag' computer.
Yesterday a guy in front of me was scrolling through a website where every third picture was of a naked woman. Granted, he quickly skipped over those to spend more quality time with these weird, very angular, graphic prints, but I still saw about 4 more pairs of boobs than I usually see in a day.

Also yesterday I saw a girl watching a youtube video that was called something like "Circumcision Tragedy" and I was all like, that's a messed up thing to watch and then I realized that she was taking notes and that people actually do work in here sometimes.


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